The WeWatt bike is an energy station that allows passers-by to charge their mobile device by physical activity. A WeWatt bike is most often used individually, even when multiple people use it simultaneously. To solve this problem, we designed the WeWattTree, an installation that uses human-powered energy to filter the environmental air. By orchestrating subtle motion gestures, we aim that the WeWattTree can nudge passers-by to join in, and encourage its users to socially interact with one another in order to synchronise their pace. In this work-in-progress paper, we describe how the prototyping process was controlled by combining physical experimentation and computational simulation; and explain the concepts that underlie our grammar of motion gestures. We emphasize how a single design is able to merge multiple functionalities in one, how material characteristics influence the interaction design, and provoke the potential of social performances as public display.


Designer, Researcher


Research – KU Leuven


2019 – 2020